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  Any organization you are affiliated with can be a partner of artiwu.
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How can you help:
• accept resumes from IWU students and/or alumni
• let artiwu know if you have open jobs or open internships
• provide artiwu with information (i.e. events)
• anything you can think of

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Current partners of artiwu
IWU Career Center
Warren Kistner (director of career center)
  The IWU Career Center refers students to artiwu, artiwu gives book reviews and art career advice columns to the Career Center
Matt Maldre ('97)
  Amazon provides a place to purchase books from artiwu reviews. Anytime somebody gives a book review, the book may be purchased in the artiwu bookstore.

Chicago Design Network
Matt Maldre ('97)
  Chicago Design Network provides information on what's happening with design in Chicago.
Matt Maldre ('97)
  Artchicago provides information on what's happening with art in Chicago

Anchor Graphics
Joanna Goebel ('97)
  Posts events that occur at Anchor Graphics in Chicago

Tribune Media Services
Matt Maldre ('97)
Posts jobs, accepts resumes for potential design positions

IWU School of Art
Too much to mention in this space. But Miles Bair has been a great supporter, thanks Miles!
Matt Maldre ('97)
The host server company for this site.
Matt Maldre ('97)
  Provides the bulletin board for the blurb board.
   Any questions? Confused?
email matt at


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