2001 Awards
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If you have pictures/scans of any of the artwork from the show, you can have it posted here. Or if you just have photos from the opening, they can be posted here too.
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  Awards for the 14th annual juried exhibition
sponsored by Paintin' Place Art Supply Store in Normal and chosen by School of Art faculty. Each student receives a $25. gift certificate for the store.
-Mark Boswell for his print "Brat"
-Kami Carter for her drawing "The Awakening"
-Jason Lehnhardt for his "Untitled" photograph

sponsored and chosen my Illinois Wesleyan University President, Minor Myers, jr.. The winner receives a $35. check.
-Amber Matthews for her ceramic sculpture "Pour"

sponsored by the School of Art and chosen by the art faculty. Each student receives a $50. check.
-Tom Grimes for his drawing "Thumbs Up"
-Stacy Kolegas for her print "Disappearing Multitudes"
-Camm Rowland for his print "Cow Tippin' on 13 Hits of Acid"
-Dave Petraglia for his acrylic on screen painting "This Has to End"

sponsored and chosen by the Director of the School of Art, Miles Bair. The student receives a $50. check.
-Michael Mayo for his painting "Autumn of Man"

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