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Date: Thursday, November 12, 1998 6:23:30


Your illustrations are absolutely excellent! I think that you really approached the visual logos well.

There are three that seem a little awkward to me...

1. May for example... the swirl of music coming out has an interesting shape, but it strays from the strong curvature of the other “logos”. If you look at them as a whole they all contain very “smooth” circular shapes. So, if you’re looking for continuity, I would smooth out the shape a bit.

2. August’s cloud shape seems very stretched (vertically), I’d like to see it a little more bulbous, going along with the circularness of the other logos.

3. February is the only logo that uses a semi realistic rendering with the roses. It doesn’t bother me, but again with the continuity of the “logos” as a whole it may disturb the visual cohesiveness.

Other than those 3 minor gripes, I think you’ve created an excellent group of logos that carry a similar style of rendering that would give any calendar a strong sense of identity... plus you’ve made the “logos” really “fun”, they would catch my attention!

Hope this was helpful. Good Work you over achiever! Sarah-Beth

P.S.: Aside from the constructive criticisms, how did you make these? Illustrator and Freehand? Please share your artistic secrets!

Date: Thursday, November 12, 1998 21:01
From: Matt Maldre (

Hey, thanks sarah for the 1st response.

1. Yeah, I agree, the May one is different from the rest (in that it sucks). Yeah, I would like to redo this one. It's very awkward. Yeah, I think I might at least smooth out the curves.
2. Good point on the cloud. I never even thought of it.
3. Those roses do seem out of place with the other stuff. (Actually you shoulda seen some of the first sketches for this sucker. Yesh! Hmmm....maybe the roses could be made more cartoon-like?

I really appreciate your opinions, I think they are really straight on.

How did I make these suckers? I have a long explanation

Date: Thursday, November 12, 1998 17:06:46
Hey Matt, Thank you for all the stuff you sent. I enjoyed looking at your illustrations and I have a few suggestions for you. First of all. If you are going to use cute little people in your drawings, be consistent with it. It seems that your illustrations are going in too many different directions. The ones I enjoy actually have no human element. I like the cruise one and I like the little airplane one. Maybe if you worked more on the familiar sites of Chicago like you did with the Orchestra illustration (no cute little people)then your stuff would have a more uniform quality. The sports ones are a little cumbersome. I like the little baseball guy, but I think he needs to be more universal. The drawing is fine, its just the big “C” around him that bothers me. The Jordan guy needs a little work, especially since you’re probably not intending to copy that little air jordan symbol. Okay, I have to go. I hope you are doing well. Say hello to Lisa. Thank you for this forum for IWU students.

Your Friend,


Date: Thursday, November 12, 1998 21:04
From: Matt Maldre (

Re: your comment on "If you
are going to use cute little people in your drawings, be consistent with
it. It seems that your illustrations are going in too many different
directions." I never even thought about this before. You are absolutely right. They are all over the place.

The "C" in the baseball one echoes the "C" in the Cubs logo. (It is a bit overpowering, though. But the other art director at work really likes that one--go figure).

Yeah, that Jordan one bugs me. First I was told to do the united center, but then my boss got this idea that I should draw that Jordan statue. Ugh. Yes, it does look too much like the Jordan logo. But I am reasoning it is stylized in a different fashion and I it is drawn from the statue. But again, I am still not too happy with how it is drawn in the first place.

Yeah, I really like the yacht one and the plane one too. Although the cloud shape is inconsistent with the rest, I still like it alot. (In fact, the other art director liked that one so much that she wanted to put something very similiar to it on the cover of the calendar.)

Thanks for the very insightful comments. I really miss hearing other people's comments.