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Critique Room #1 Matt Maldre '97 Illustrations Nov 09, 1998

<I'm doing a bunch of illustrations of Chicago for a promotional
<calendar at work. I would appreciate any comments.

This calendar will be sent out to our clients. It has a bunch of idea-starters and reminders for many different promotional needs. One of them is a "Chicago Hot Tip" for every month. The illustrations will be approximately 3" x 3". I was told to illustrate them so they would be more like logos than illustrations (just visual logos, no words).

The calendar will be two-color (black and green). I still have to add the green.

Click on any of the pictures to view them larger.

I would greatly appreciate your comments. I like my comments rough and raw, so bring it on daddy-o!

Throw a winter company outing by inviting employees to Skate on State.
July July
Sponsor a Firday customer luncheon at the Monroe Harbor Yacht Club. Give a business talk on "Sails" strategy and afterward have a Mackinak Race participant talk about race day "Sails" strategy.
February February
Reward top sales performers with a romantic weekend getaway at the Drake Hotel in downtown Chicago.
August August
Consider flying an advertising banner from a chartered plan the weekend of Chicago's Air & Water Show.
March March
Hold a first quarter update customer luncheon meeting at a downtown hotel or restaurant near the Chicago River between 3/13 and 3/17 to view the "green" river. . . a Chicago tradition.
September September
Invite customers to the Berghoff's Oktoberfest for lunch.
April April
Take your distributor sales reps and your own employees to a Cubs or Sox opener.
October October
Treat your customers to the Bulls season opener.
May May
Treat your key customers to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
November November
Incent your employees with a contest. The prize: a shopping spree weekend during the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival.
June June
Give Taste of Chicago tickets to key customers for their personal enjoyment.
December December
Celebrate the Millennium at Navy Pier with a New Year's Eve Party.