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Date: Sunday, January 17, 1999 4:17:51
Subj: Re: Magazines and Publications

I subscribe to Art Calendar and I would give it a 4.5. i like it
because it has tons of exhibition listings that you can enter your art
in (which is what i've been doing, hence I think it's a good magazine).
Besides exhibition opportunities in galleries, it also has listings for
fairs, festivals, internships, jobs (a few), grants, residencies, etc.
that you can apply for. let's just say that there are a whole lot of
listings! there in the back, and the front has mainly articles about
technical stuff like copyrighting, contracts, photographing your work,
slide tips, stuff like that, which I also like. plus they publish a
whole lot of mini-books on subjects like marketing your art, techniques,
contract samples, resumes and artist statements, etc. I've actually
just ordered a few so I'll let everyone know if they're any good.

Also, a mailing list on the Internet that I use to subscribe to is the
Art Deadlines list. I forget the address, but just search under the
name. I used to pay $12 a year and I would get 300 exhibition
opportunities emailed to me every month. But then I didn't renew my
subscription because I was hearing about the same shows through other
places like Art Calendar or Chicago Artists News. Also, they sent me a
renewal form and the price had gone up to like $20 or something. You
can get about 100 listings for free if you go to their website, but the
subscriber list is much more comprehensive. I guess I'd give it a 3.75.
But when I was first getting it (first 6 months or so) I found it to be
the most helpful source for exhibition opportunities.

Date: Sunday, January 10, 1999, 21:45:59
From: Matt Maldre ‘97 (

ART (Design is below)
1. Chicago Artists' Coalition--*5*
This is really a monthly newspaper. #1 on the list for the Chicagoland artist. It's FILLED dates and insightful articles.
2. Chicago Gallery News--*4.5*
Even though it says $4.00 on the cover, you can usually pick them up for free at most Chicagoland galleries. This quality magazine features TONS of Chicago galleries and organizations with a little info on each. Good articles on upcoming shows, and newsworthy items on artists, dealers and other arty people.
3. Chicago Reader--*4*
Actually a newspaper; don't subscriber to this, by the time it hits your door, it'll be too late (mail subscriptions take a number of days. It comes out Thursday with the next day's events.) Pick one up at the multiple locations throughout Chicago. (just about any hip bookstore, bar, main gathering place) I believe this has the most complete weekly gallery listing. And it's organized by location. Or you can go to their website to find listings:
4. ArtForum--*3.5*
Same comment as Art in America, except: Read Donald Kuspit's reviews! (usually found in the back) His reviews are always good and insightful.
5. Art in America--*3.5*
I personally don't subscribe to these. It's gotten too many ads. But I think it is still important to pick up and look at. Say what's the difference between Art in American and ArtForum?
6. Newcity--*3.5*
Actually a newspaper. It has a little less listings than the Reader. I find the top 5 recommendations section tends to lean toward documentary photography. It does beat out the Reader in that it has a convenient listing of general Chicago events and talks.
7. Art Now Gallery Guide (Chicago/Midwest)--*3*
Even though it says $3.00 on the cover, you can usually pick them up for free at most Chicagoland galleries. It kinda highlights the hutzy-tutzy rich galleries in the Midwest. It has a nice map of galleries in the Midwest.
8. Chicago Tribune, Friday section--*2*
It has a very small listing of galleries.
9. ArtNews--*2*
I barely touch this thing. It's who bought what and for how much.
10. American Artist--*1*
I once subscribed this magazine. What a mistake. It has lots of pretty landscapes and portraits--if that's what you're into.

1. Chicago Digital Artist--*5*
A free mag to design professionals in Illinois. Read cover to cover! Always good tips for digital folk as well as insight into design and digital stuff in the Chicagoland area. A must have for any designer in the Midwest. If you're a student, make up your own company, so you can get a subscription.
2. Communication Arts--*5*
The essential magazine for graphic designers
-good examples of design
-good articles (I find the ones in the back of the magazine to be the best)
3. Adobe Magazine--*5*
You get this free for a year when you purchase anything from Adobe. This is a must read for graphic designers. Another cover to cover read (skipping the articles on Pagemaker and Premiere) From the best software maker comes one of the best mags.
4. Yahoo--*5*
On the surface this may seem to be an extended advertisement for Yahoo, the popular search engine on the web, BUT it is a really good magazine. It has lots of neat-o info on where to go on the web. If you're into the web, use this mag!
5. Print--*4.5*
not quite as essential as CommArts, but its design is funkier
6. I.D.--*4*
(International Design)--This has all types of design: graphic, PRODUCT, packaging, spaces (with more focus on product design). I find that this magazine rounds my design experience out.
7. Eyewire--*2.5*
Free mag. Formerly known as "Image Club." Adobe owned this magazine and decided to change it's name to "Adobe Studios" in May '98. Then they changed the name again to "Eyewire" in December '98. It is a catalog of Adobe's fonts, illustrations, clip art, stock photography. They have gotten back to providing a few tips on the side.
8. PDN pix--*2*
A free mag with nice pictures. Articles tend to lean toward hi-tech prepress stuff that is beyond me.
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