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artiwu vol.3, DIGEST #08 (Oct 31, 2000)
1. Become an artiwu columist!
2. The Juried Show Venue: Waiting to Hear
3. S.O.F.A. show in Chicago this weekend
4. Bart art building ghost stories?
Subject: Become an artiwu columist!
From: Moderator: Matt Maldre <>
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 23:48:00 -0600

Become an artiwu columnist! Write about any topic that you like. Artiwu would love to have more content. (you don't even have to write it on a super consistent basis).

Some ideas for topics are:
* Reviews on Merwin-Wakely shows at IWU galleries
* Reviews on student shows in arthaus and student center
* Art advice (tips on sculpture, ceramics, photo, print, painting, or criticism)
* Computer advice and tidbits
* Starting up a business
* How to get work into galleries
* Tips on freelancing
*** Anything that would be of interest to art and/or design people

For more information and a list of current columnists visit:

Hey, it looks great on your resume. It shows writing skills, expertise, responsibility, and a love for your interests. One of artiwu's columnists, Laura Kesselring says, "When I was interviewing for a job, my employer was very impressed that I wrote a semi-weekly column on juried art shows."

To sign up, either email Matt at:
or fill out the form on:
Subject: The Juried Show Venue: Waiting to Hear
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 07:18:00 -0800 (PST)
From: "Laura A. Kesselring" <>

Part 8 in an approximately 12-Part Series

Once you have mailed your submission, your next job is to...sit back and relax! This is when all you can do is wait to hear if you have been accepted into the exhibition. Some things you can do while you wait:

-Make more art!
-Go see a movie
-Order some pizza
-Create a web page showcasing your art
-Take slides of new work
-Enter more shows
-Clean your bathroom

You will be notified according to each particular show's procedures - some will have provided a postcard for you to partially fill out that they will then mark as "accepted" or "rejected" and mail to you, with others you just find out when you get your slides back with a form "rejection" letter included, or some shows will even call you personally if you are accepted.

You will generally hear about the status of your submission around the stated notification date, but these can be notoriously fluid, so don't panic if you haven't heard by December 1st and the notification date was November 30th-give it a least another week or two. Some shows indicate that they will not accept phone calls regarding your submission, but if it has been a few weeks and you haven't heard, call them anyway-you at least want your slides back if possible.

If you are rejected, don't be too disappointed-juries are subjective and this does not mean your work stinks. What one juror hates, another may like-there's no way to accurately predict which it will be. Many shows that are held annually will have a different juror each year-I have entered shows like these for four years in a row and was rejected the first 3 times but was finally accepted the 4th time, always submitting the same type of work. The important thing is to believe in yourself and your art enough to submit it in the first place, and enough to not take personally the opinions of a select few.

Also, the rate of acceptance (in my experience) can be very low. Over the years, I have been accepted into approximately 10-15% of the shows I entered. But this percentage is not even constant-sometimes I would enter 20 shows and be accepted into 1, but then get into 8 of the next 20 shows I entered. All you can do is try, because if you don't submit anything at all, you *definitely* won't be accepted!

If you do hear that you are accepted, congratulations! And don't worry if the venue is less than prestigious (like a storefront gallery or a coffeehouse), because when you put it on your resume, usually no one will be able to tell the difference. Every chance at exposure is important when you are an emerging artist.

Up Next: "Framing Your Work"
Coming Soon: "Shipping Your Masterpiece"

You can now check out previous "Juried Show Venue" columns at:
Subject: SOFA show in Chicago this weekend
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 07:19:58 -0600
From: Matt Maldre <>

Hey, hey, anybody going to to S.O.F.A. in Chicago this year? It's this weekend. Alot of people like this show better than the ArtChicago show in the spring.

Here's the official diddy from the sofa website (

The World's Finest International Exposition of Sculpture Objects & Functional Art

91 Select Galleries and Dealers Bridging the Worlds of Decorative and
Fine Arts

Now in its seventh year, SOFA CHICAGO again offers the public unprecedented access to forward-looking contemporary arts of the 21st century-a remarkable pluralism of styles and media blurring boundaries between contemporary decorative art, fine art and industrial design from the turn of the last century to the present.

November 3-5
Fri, Nov 3, 11 am - 8 pm
Sat, Nov 4, 11 am - 8 pm
Sun, Nov 5, 12 noon - 6 pm
Navy Pier, Festival Hall A, 600 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611

$12 general admission
??? student admission (they usually have a cheaper fare for students)
$20 three-day pass
Subject: Bart the art building ghost stories?
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 07:25:42 -0600
From: Matt Maldre <>

Hey, today's Halloween! Anybody have any Bart the art building ghost stories or any other tales of unexplainable weirdom in the art building?

* Mary Etta Eastin 99

* Tracey Hendel 96


October 8 - November 15, 2000 (reception: October 8, 1-4 pm)
LAURA A. KESSELRING (class of '97)
6th Annual Juried Show
Art Guild of Burlington, Arts for Living Center
7th & Washington, Burlington, Iowa

October 20, 2000 - November 21, 2000 [no reception as far as i can tell]
LAURA A. KESSELRING (class of '97)
"On/Of Paper"
Cloyde Snook Gallery, Adams State College, Art Department
208 Edgemont, Alamosa, Colorado 81102
(719) 587-7186

October 20-November 11, 2000 (Opening reception: Fri, October 20, 6-8pm)
DIMA STRAKOVSKY (class of '98)
"Last, First MI"
1926 Exhibition Studies Space Schedule
1926 N Halsted, Chicago, IL 60614

For more details (i.e. hours/website), visit:
Do you know any IWU alum/faculty/student in an art show?
Go to the above address and fill out a form.
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