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artiwu vol.2, DIGEST #39 (aug 1, 2000)
1. gore/bush on the arts
2. Fun party for arts magazine in Chicago
3. Blurb it
4. Tribune Interactive: Design Job Available
Subject: gore/bush on the arts
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 00:08:39 -0500
From: Matt Maldre <>

Both Presidential Frontrunners Would Continue Federal Arts Funding; Gore Expresses Strong Support; Bush Expresses Qualified Support

In response to the question "Do you support federal subsidies for the arts?" -- asked of Presidential candidates by the ASSOCIATED PRESS (as reported by APINEWS) earlier this year, both the Republican frontrunner George W. Bush and the Democratic front runner, Al Gore affirmed public funding of the arts.

Gore expressed strong support for the arts, according to APINews, saying: "I strongly believe in encouraging and supporting the arts and would continue the current policy of support. The arts are an important part of our life and our history and should be supported.

Bush's response was somewhat more qualified. APINews quotes him as saying: "I believe we should continue federal funding for the arts, but give states a greater say in how the funds are spent. I don't believe we should spend public money to support obscene material or denigrate religion."


"Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down"
APINews --
March 2000
(based on an Associated Press Report circulated by Americans for
the Arts)

What do you think about gore's and bush's stance on the arts?
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Subject: Fun party for arts magazine
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 11:56:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: Cakewalk Magazine <>

Fun party for arts magazine in Chicago

you'll get: free beer, drinks and food, dancing, the latest issue of
Cakewalk magazine and a sneak look at Arena gallery (scheduled to open in
raffle prizes and t-shirts will also be available.


Friday August 4, 9pm-2am
Arena Gallery, 311 N. Sangamon, Chicago IL.
(just north of Lake street and west of Halsted)

FEATURING: Fuz Fon, DJ Gigglebyte, and More

$5 donation includes a copy of the magazine

Visit for details

In their constant quest to provide fresh, enlightening writing for you, the readers of the world, Team Cakewalk proudly presents the 4th issue of Cakewalk Magazine!

* Kathryn Hixson on the fall and rise of Political Conceptual Art
* Zero Gain: A Report from the MoMA Strike of 2000
* Joe Knowles' visit to Legoland, USA
* Michelle Grabner interviews artist Chris Sperandio
* Human Husk: A Proposal by Brooks Hall
* Zoom: A Cinema History of Deception by Joshua Rothkopf
* The strange case of documentary filmmaker Allan Francovich, by Franklin Cason
* Greg Purcell on McSweeney's--What it Does and How It Affects Your Life
* Explosions by Marc Herbst
* Art Criticism for Bodybuilding by Alison Pearlman
* Waves of Mutilation by Keith Wikle
* Michael Workman interviews independent filmmaker Russ Forster
* Interview with jazz musician Fred Anderson by Kali * Karl Erickson asks big questions about art and politics

* Amy Dane, Mari Eastman, Andrew Falkowski, Andreas Fischer, Monica Germann and Daniel Lorenzi, Charles Irvin, Rebecca Morris, Krista Peel and Rebecca Rothfus!

CAKEWALK ISSUE 4 is found in bookstores nationwide. If you can't find it in your 'hood, you can order online at
Subject: Blurb it
From: Matt Maldre <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 17:21:29 -0500

I'm looking for more responses, so the questions stay the same.
-What's a neat website you've run into lately?
-What's one of your favorite art or design magazines?
-What is one of your favorite fonts?
-Name a work of art you really like.
-What do you think the famous Picasso public sculpture
in Chicago's Daley Plaza is?

just hit reply to this email
and blurb out a response...any ol' response will do.

Replies are posted on the artiwu website at:

Subject: Tribune Interactive: Design Job Available
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 19:27:00 -0500
From: Matt Maldre <>

Here's some a new job from the tribune intranet. If you are interested, please send your resume and cover letter to: Matt Maldre, Tribune Media Services, 435 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 1500, Chicago, IL 60611. Or you can email it to me at (email will go much faster, like duh). I'll route your stuff around the tribune co.


Designer: Tribune Interactive is currently seeking a Designer. This position is responsible for developing and executing artistic concepts for ads, marketing materials and sales brochures in print and online. Works closely with the marketing manager, sales manager and design manager. May assist with the organization and production of live events; with scheduling, budgeting and coordination of asset flow among engineers, writers, designers, etc. Coordinates with outside resources, researches and screens all materials, and takes the necessary steps to ensure compliance with legal requirements. Typically, incumbent has one to three years experience in a creative advertising agency, a fine arts and computer graphics background, a strong knowledge of print production, and strong proficiency with new media graphic design on a variety of technology platforms and graphic design software packages.


August 18 - October 29, 2000 (reception: ?)
"2000 Rockford-Midwestern Exhibition: Artists of the New Millenium"
Rockford Art Museum, 711 N. Main St., Rockford

For more details, visit:

Do you know any IWU alum/faculty/student in an art show?
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