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artiwu vol.2, DIGEST #38 (July 25, 2000)
1. Quark 5.0
2. chicago printer resources
3. The Juried Show Venue: The Actual Submission Process [Part B]
4. tribune job available
5. Squirrels on Parade in Chicago
6. Blurb it
Subject: Quark 5.0
From: Matt Maldre <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 10:58:57 -0500

It's still a long way from being released (2001), but I attended a session
that was about Quark 5.0.

What's on the plans for Quark 5.0?
--layers (like those in illustrator) (it's about time!)
--export to HTML (but not import HTML) Geez, Quark is becoming like a web
design program...but not really, it's nothing like GoLive or Dreamweaver.
--new color management (they didn't talk about this too much...i don't know
how great this is)

Support for Mac OS X?
Mac OS X is due to come out at the end of this year. Quark will be Mac OS X
(and Mac OS 9) combatiable. But it will not be carbon-based. The
carbon-based version will come out as a Quark 5.x release.

Betas available?
The Quark rep readily admitted that from experience with 3.3 and 4.0 that
their beta process is extremely slow. Right now they are testing with a
service bureau in Colorado. They will move up to 5 companies, then 50, then
1000, then the beta will be available nationwide.

So when will the official version of Quark 5.0 be released?
The rep said MAYBE by the end of 2000, but it will more likely be later.

DMS (it's a seperate program/plug-in for Quark 4.1)
They also demonstrated the heavily expensive DMS (Digital Matching System)
which allows you to export your Quark 4.1 files to XML for posting on the
web. Basically, it kinda allows you to hook up a quasi-database to your
Quark files. For instance, a catalog in Quark can be easily exported to XML
for posting on the web.

It also features a built-in database for checking in and checking out files
via a server. You can even track all the history, changes, and user history
of any Quark file. It also works in other design programs (photoshop,
illustrator, freehand) where you can export your images to the DMS database
for use in Quark files.

Oh, the's about $50,000 to $75,000 (minimum 10 users, this price
includes server program for $25,000; seperate user programs, customer

Subject: chicago printer resources
From: Matt Maldre <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 17:21:37 -0500

some handy resources for finding printers in chicagoland area:
Subject: The Juried Show Venue: The Actual Submission Process [Part B]
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 16:59:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Laura A. Kesselring" <>

Part 6 in an approximately 12-Part Series

The most important thing to remember is to include EVERYTHING they ask for when submitting your materials. Once I sent everything but forgot to send the slides! It can be especially hard to remember everything when you are entering a bunch of shows at one time--a good rule to stick to is to complete your submission packets one at a time--don't label slides all at once for 3 different shows, for instance.

Things to include in your submissions:

SLIDES: The most important thing! Make sure your slides are not glass-mounted-every show I have entered says they do not want these. Make sure slides are labeled according to the show's requirements-supposedly shows are picky about this. However, I have a standard way I do most slides and unless the show's way is radically different, I stick with my way (artist name & phone # on top, title and media and size on the bottom). ALWAYS indicate the top of the slide with an upward-pointing arrow! Some shows do not allow labels and will want you to write (or stamp or type, whatever) the info directly on the mount-if this is the case, do what they want. Otherwise use labels because you can usually remove these if you need to later on-I use return address labels, Avery #5267. I have a sheet pre-typed of top labels with my name, phone #, copyright symbol (VERY important!), and date created-I have a separate sheet for 1998, 1999, 2000 so that I can just choose the right one (correct date) for each piece. I also draw a top arrow on this label. Then I use a blank bottom label and just handwrite the info (title, etc.). Put the slides in a slide sheet, but not a whole one if you can help it-cut one up into pieces with 2, 3, 4, 6 pockets, however many you need (most shows don't want a whole slide sheet).

ENTRY FORM: Fill out the entire form, including price and insurance value (I put the same amount for price and insurance value--more on pricing in the next column). If your work is not for sale (check to make sure the show allows this--some don't), make sure you establish an insurance value. Again, I do not recommend entering shows that will not insure your work while it is on their premises. Make a copy of the entry form once it is completed for your records so that you know what you entered and what prices you put, etc.--or else have some other system of recording the show info and pieces entered (if you would like a copy of the system I have for this, email me and I will send you an example of the pages I use). Make sure you sign the form if they ask for that.

NOTIFICATION CARD: Some shows will have this, some won't. If they do, you need to fill out your name and the titles of your pieces, and the juror will mark "Accepted" or "Not Accepted" and mail it back to you separately. Sometimes you have to address it to yourself and stamp it. I have mixed feelings about this because I often get my stamped (by me) notification card returned in the return envelope with my slides! But anyway, if there is one, fill it out according to their instructions.

ENTRY FEE: Check or money order-make sure you make it out to the correct party (it should be specified in the prospectus).

RETURN ENVELOPE: Most shows tell you to send a #10 envelope and no smaller, stamped and self-addressed. I go a little further and send a padded envelope (6" x 8") to insure the safety of my materials. I also send the entire submission in a larger padded envelope, usually 8" x 11". Either way, you will need 55c postage for both return and submission envelopes because of the weight of the materials. Make sure when you send everything you send it to the right address-check the prospectus.

Again, don't send a resume or profile at this stage unless they specifically ask for it. And make sure you allow enough time for the Pony Express to deliver your submission--I usually try to mail it at least a week before the due date. In the next column, I'll discuss the tricky business of pricing your work, which you'll usually need as you are submitting your materials, before you've even been accepted.

Up Next: "Pricing Your Work for Sale"
Coming Soon: "Waiting to Hear"
Subject: tribune job available
From: Matt Maldre <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 16:43:18 -0500

Here's some a new job from the tribune intranet. If you are interested, please send your resume and cover letter to: Matt Maldre, Tribune Media Services, 435 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 1500, Chicago, IL 60611. Or you can email it to me at (email will go much faster, like duh). I'll route your stuff around the tribune co.

Chicago, IL; Chicago Tribune

NEWS EDITOR/PAGE DESIGNER: Qualified candidates will be able to design exciting pages, ranging from section fronts to inside Metro pages to special-project, double-truck displays. Candidates should have extensive experience designing broadsheet pages under deadline pressure, preferably in a paginated environment. Excellent communication and decision making skills are a must. The successful candidate will have an opportunity to take part in the daily news decision making process. He/she will initially be assigned to act as assistant news editor/designer for one of the zoned Metro sections and will work with the Metro editors in assembling and presenting the day's news and getting it into the paper.
Subject: Squirrels on Parade in Chicago
From: Matt Maldre <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 17:42:01 -0500

Chicago's Squirrels on Parade

my favs
Irvin, Charles
Wolniak, Scott
Fansler, Derek
Subject: Blurb it
From: Matt Maldre <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 17:21:29 -0500

I'm looking for more responses, so the questions stay the same.
-What's a neat website you've run into lately?
-What's one of your favorite art or design magazines?
-What is one of your favorite fonts?
-Name a work of art you really like.
-What do you think the famous Picasso public sculpture
in Chicago's Daley Plaza is?

just hit reply to this email
and blurb out a response...any ol' response will do.

Replies are posted on the artiwu website at:
Next Digest: Chicago Art Events this summer
Please send in any information you have about Chicago Art Events for this summer.
Post it to:

June 27 - July 29, 2000 (reception: July 7, 5-8pm)
ARC Gallery, 1040 W. Huron, Chicago

July 14 - 28, 2000 (reception: July 14, 5-11pm)
ETHAN SCHLEETER: "Questions: recent work by Ethan Schleeter"
Phoenix Gallery & Studios, 4416 N. Prospect Rd., Peoria Heights

August 18 - October 29, 2000 (reception: ?)
LAURA A. KESSELRING: "2000 Rockford-Midwestern Exhibition: Artists of the New Millenium"
Rockford Art Museum, 711 N. Main St., Rockford

For more details, visit:
Do you know any IWU alum/faculty/student in an art show?
Go to the above address and fill out a form.

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