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artiwu vol.2, DIGEST #37 (jul 18, 2000)
1. Upcoming AIGA Small Talks
2. Re: what printers do you use?
3. Re: what printers do you use?
4. Blurb it
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Subject: Upcoming AIGA Small Talks
From: Matt Maldre <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 10:05:00 -0500

AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) Chicago Chapter
Small Talks at 6:30pm
Wednesday, July 19
Small Talk 5
Office Tours and Presentations

Featuring: Jellyvision
848 West Eastman Street, Suite 104

We will meet this creative company that specializes in inventing completely
original interactive experiences. They are the ones who created "you don't
know jack" and they are getting involved in some exciting new projects too.
Event Committee Chair: Julie Chapman
Wednesday, August 9
Small Talk 6
Office Tours and Presentations

Featuring: closerlook
212 West Superior, 3rd floor

An innovative digital strategy and design firm blending strategy, user
experience and technology.www.closerlook.comEvent Committee Chair: Julie Chapman
Time flies, and AIGA/Chicago wants you to pencil your calendars for the
following events. If you have questions, please contact AIGA/Chicago at
312.787.2700 or by e-mail at
(these events are for AIGA members only, admission: $10)
I have an extra ticket for each event (I can't attend, I've got other engagements) So if you go in my spot, you can go for free! Just email me or call me (home:773-525-9671 work:312-527-8560)
Subject: Re: what printers do you use?
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 23:31:51 -0500
From: "Jason Ruud" <>

What Printers Do I use?

Arla Graphics, Inc.
Morton grove, Illinois
Excellent 2 color printer, although they do work 4 color, I have only used
them for small run 2 color or less jobs. Quick-ass turnarounds 5 days.
Reasonable prices.

Darwill Press, Hillside, IL
Bit Expensive but impeccable work, more higher run 4 color & InfoPrint
digital jobs. Specialty in laminates, you name it they do it. Polyurethene,
Aqueous, etc.

ACL, American Color Labs, Chicago, off Adams and Canal.
Color Print Facility. Quick, turnaround low qty. They do mousepads,
T-shirts, and huge-ass prints can plot on vinyl, canvas, etc.

Anzo Graphics, Chicago.
Used only for film work, quick turnarounds, clean film.

Those are my printers--
Subject: Re: what printers do you use?
From: Erik Maldre <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 08:53:21 -0500

On the printer discussion,
We use Steven James Lamont in Prospect Heights for all our film. They can do
quick, quick turnaround even with 5 color work (process and a spot).

Darwill Press in Hillside is another goodie. They do some sort of digital

I'll tell you one printer to avoid. That is Print Perfect in Batavia. They
do 2 color work. Way too many problems to account for. We still use them for
reasons unknown to me.
Subject: Blurb it
From: Matt Maldre <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 17:21:29 -0500

I'm looking for more responses, so the questions stay the same.
-What's a neat website you've run into lately?
-What's one of your favorite art or design magazines?
-What is one of your favorite fonts?
-Name a work of art you really like.
-What do you think the famous Picasso public sculpture
in Chicago's Daley Plaza is?

just hit reply to this email
and blurb out a response...any ol' response will do.

Replies are posted on the artiwu website at:

June 27 - July 29,2000 (reception: July 7, 5-8pm)
ARC Gallery, 1040 W. Huron, Chicago

July 14 - 28, 2000 (reception: July 14, 5-11pm)
ETHAN SCHLEETER: "Questions: recent work by Ethan Schleeter"
Phoenix Gallery & Studios, 4416 N. Prospect Rd., Peoria Heights

August 18 - October 29, 2000 (reception: ?)
LAURA A. KESSELRING: "2000 Rockford-Midwestern Exhibition: Artists of the New Millenium"
Rockford Art Museum, 711 N. Main St., Rockford

For more details, visit:
Do you know any IWU alum/faculty/student in an art show?
Go to the above address and fill out a form.
Name a work of art you really like.

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