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artiwu vol.2, DIGEST #27 (May 9, 2000)
1. techniques N' fun
2. Color Inkjet Printers
3. Chicago art events this week
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Subject: techniques N' fun
From: "christopher grodoski" <>
Date: Thu, 04 May 2000 12:08:32 CDT

So I've been experimenting with transfers alot and here of some neat ways to get a quick image...and a good en.

1- stripeeze, a paint remover, has been by far the best transfer/cancer causing material I have found of late. It is easier to use than lithotine, requires almost no burnishing, and is great for color or b&w copies. However, it needs to be removed while wet from the recieving surface or it will affix your paper to the surface. Also it burns your skin if you touch a lot of it. One big plus is that once you transfer an image, the stripeeze changes the nature of the toner in such a way that you can put a transfer on top of the previous transfer. I have a feeling that this won't always work, but it has 2 out of 3 times so far for me.

B- mix up some rabbit skin glue and put a copy of your desired image on accetate. apply the glue over the toner side, use about four layers until you build up a good surface. Then, peel away the glue (along with the image) from the accetate. Apply this to just about anything and brush down with water to reactivate the glue and affix your image. It is good to use a spounge for this or else your image gets all ratsofrats.

3- another fun product is liquid glass. you can use it like modgepodge, but it has more of a crystal finish. or you can trap accetate images inbetween coats of a pretty cool trapped, receeding effect.

lastly- Here's a few cool sites to chech out.
(alliance of artists communes...don't go if they ask you to change your name and abandon your friends and family)
(a good source for that kind of thingy)
(although basicly an advertisement, its a good place to learn a little bit about oil mediums and varnishes)
(now we are talking. Great site for draftsmen (and women)good tips and tricks)
(for shutterbuggers and those who want to pick up a little more)

Don't forget to catch a bus from artchicago to the west loop gallery district. Come by the NFA space, across the street from vedanta's v-1 (the old v-2 space) and say hi. Buses will be runnig all day.
Subject: Color Inkjet Printers
Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 22:20:00 -0500
From: Matt Maldre <>


I've been researching color inkjet printers for myself and here's some stuff that I found:
Out of all the companies that now make inkjet printers for Mac, Epson has been making them the longest. The others have pretty much jumped on the Mac bandwagon with the advent of the popular iMac. Therefore, it makes sense that Epson has the strongest support for the Mac. I personally wouldn't really trust other printers (espicially HP, whose Mac support has been lacking, IMHO).

So, I will focus on Epson printers. There are about 20 Epson printers for under $500, so there's plenty of ground to cover.

The best printer for your money:
Epson Stylus 760 (for USB Macs). If you have an older Mac that doesn't have a USB port, the Stylus 740 is the older version of the 760, and it's a good buy too.

The 760 is a mere $120. Don't bother with anything more expensive, you'll just toss your money away. To get a printer that prints on 11x17, you'll have to shell out $400. Don't bother with the fancy-schmancy 6 color printers. They cost more, the ink cartridges cost more, and it goes through twice as much ink.

There is an important thing to know about postscript and inkjet printers. Most inkjet printers don't come with postscript abilities. What these means is that your vector files like Illustrator will not print as smooth. You can buy a program that will allow you to print files so they look less jagged. This program is PowerRip and it costs around $120. I heard that the trick here is that you need to hook your printer to your computer via Ethernet (not USB). The trick is that most inkjet printers don't come with a built-in Ethernet connection. You can add it on for about $400 to some printers. AWWW GEEZ, THAT SUCKS. For the list of printers that can take postscript, see the website below. Now, I don't think this expense is worth it. The print-outs from an non-postscript, non-ethernet printer turn out just fine. Remember, these are INK-JET printers. If you wanted quality in the first place, you should go for the laser printer route.

If you want some real number/fact comparisons, check out:

Review on the 760

Review on the 750 and some HP printers at:

Review on the 740 at:
Subject: Chicago art events this week
Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 23:54:35 -0500
From: Matt Maldre <>

Art Chicago 2000
Navy Pier Festival Hall
600 E. Grand Ave.
216 galleries showing contemporary art work from more than 2,000 artists is on display, including painting, sculptures, drawings, photography, printmaking, mixed media and installation.

Fri, May 12 7pm - 10pm
Sat, May 13 12pm - 8pm
Sun, May 14 12pm - 8pm
Mon, May 15 12pm - 6pm

Tues. May 16, 6:30 p.m.
Art Link Center, 3616 W. Wrightwood, Chicago
Hosted by Wanda Connell. Join us for a lively discussion of art. Bring 5 slides of your work, or just yourself and refreshments to share.
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