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artiwu vol.2, DIGEST #26 (May 2, 2000)
1. Grodoski & Streeper in show; opportunity for you too
2. wesleyan is wired!
3. seminars, conferences, workshops
4. Don't miss any artiwu over the summer
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Subject: Grodoski & Streeper in show; opportunity for you too
From: "christopher grodoski" <>
Date: Mon, 01 May 2000 13:33:37 CDT

During the month of July, Christopher Grodoski and Brad Streeper will be exhibiting in a two person show in Chicago. The show can be seen at the Uncommon Ground Coffe Shop, located on Grace and Clark, and is being organinzed for both the artists by the NFA Space, which is located at 119 north Peoria, across the street from the Vedanta V-1 space. Gallery hours are tuesday through saturday 11am to 6pm. If any of you old IWU artists want to submit your slides, please contact christopher grodoski at the gallery during hours, or email me at Also, in a space adjunt to ours, a photo only gallery space recently opened called flatfile. all photographers recieve a file drawer and exhibit a single piece of art along the walls. for more info contact me... flatfile does a wonderful job of promoting its space, has great turnouts, and sells alot of photographs. the lady who runs the space is very nice and i can introduce any interested parties to her.
christopher grodoski
Subject: wesleyan is wired!
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 22:06:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: Erik Maldre <>

Congrats to Illinois Wesleyan! Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine has ranked the Titans as the 8th most wired college (college and baccalaureate schools) in the nation! Other schools of note? Wheaton College came in at 13, and Knox College was 37. Sorry Millikin no list for you! The others that beat out Wesleyan?
1. Williams College
2. Colgate University
3. Bates College
4. Occidental College
5. Oberlin College
6. Sweet Briar College
7. Alprofilen College
8. Illinois Wesleyan University

A little side note: I bought Yahoo! Internet Life off the newsstand cuz I always felt like I wasn't even coming close to tapping in what the internet has to offer. Well, this mag exceeds my curiousity. They jam pack in over 175 pages of stuff.

Alot of the stuff is little blurbs here and there, just giving websites that fall under certain categories and then they get into more detail with some longer articles too.

A one-year subscription (12 issues) runs 15 bucks. and two years (24 issues) for 20 bucks. that's under a dollar a mag which is over 175 pages of goodies. what a steal! all the bargains you can find over the net will immediately dimish the cover charge. and all the info you have access to!! hmmmm... better than canjun turkey on rye i must say.

-erik maldre
Subject: seminars, conferences, workshops
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 21:49:35 -0500
From: Matt Maldre <>

I was doing some research to see what seminars/conferences/short classes were available for the rest of this year. Much to my dismay, there was no easy listing of all the art/design events on the web. So I scoured the web to see what I could find.

If you have any more, PLEASE send them to
If you have any comments of previous shows/classes, please send them to

HOW Design Conference
June 11-14

Thunder Lizard: Web Design World
July 17-21

Macworld Expo 2000
July 18 - 21
New York

ACM SIGGRAPH (Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques)
July 23-28
New Orleans

American Center for Design: User Experience Summit
July 21-22
User Experience Summit

Seybold Seminars: Publishing 2000
Aug 28 - Sep 1

Thunder Lizard: Web Design 2000
Sep 25 - 27

Thunder Lizard: Web Marketing World
Oct 30 - Nov 3
New Orleans

American Center for Design
Nov 9-12
The Landscape of Experience: Eighth Annual Living Surfaces Conference

see below
"High Ground: Brand Experience"

Maine College of Art: Maine Summer Institute
multiple classes over summer

Walker Art Center | Highlights
multiple dates over summer

Rhode Island School of Design
multiple classes over summer Introduction to Flash 4
multiple dates
Ojai, California

Macromedia Authorized Flash Training
multiple dates
Los Angeles
Subject: Don't miss any artiwu over the summer
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 17:51:49 -0500
From: Matt Maldre <>


Artiwu will continue to toss out info-packed digests over the summer. Don't miss any of these nifty digests.

Send your summer email address to:

(same thing goes for you seniors!)

If you don't have another email address, you can get a FREE one at:
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