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artiwu vol.2, DIGEST #07 (Dec 7, 1999)
1. asap help: Kappa pi/ honour society info?
2. "When Pigasso Met Mootisse"
3. Art Institute of Chicago--Prints
Subject: asap help: Kappa pi/ honour society info?
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 12:22:03 EST

Dear IWU students or faculty,

Could someone please give me information about the intl. art fraternity/honour society Kappa Pi? I think Chris Grodoski or Vince had done the research and initiated the chapter back in 97.

I cannot seem to find any information on the net about it. If any of you have the address for Kappa Pi, I would really appreciate it if you could pass it on to me! Also I was wondering if there is an Art History honour society?? What other resources/orgs are there for art/arthistory people besides CAA?

Please get back to me on the kappa pi info.


Tamima A. Farooqui
Subj: "When Pigasso Met Mootisse"
From: "Matt Maldre" <>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 07:29:55 GMT

"When Pigasso Met Mootisse" is a fun children's book that plays on the interesting relationship of Picasso and Matisse. Nina Laden depicts them as hilarious charactertures of a pig with cubist leanings and a bull who paints like "a wild beast". They escape the hectic art world and become neighbors, but end up feuding when they start criticizing one antoher's work. They eventually...I can't give away the whole story here.

This bright and colorful children's book is visually charming and loaded with verbal and visual puns. Check it out at the artiwu bookstore!

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Subj: Art Institute of Chicago--Prints
From: "Matt Maldre" <>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 07:29:55 GMT

Chicago Art Institute announces major gift

9:31 PM ET November 19, 1999CHICAGO (Reuters) -

The Art Institute of Chicago Friday announced what it called one of the most important gifts ever made to its prints and drawings collection, about 80 Old Master prints and $5 million for a renovation of that department.

The gift came from Jean and Steven Goldman of Chicago. He is a lawyer who recently retired from the faculty at Northwestern University and she is an art historian specializing in Italian drawings of the 16th century who has taught at the Institute for a number of years.

James Wood, president of the Art Institute, said the gift was one of the most important of its kind in the museum's history and one that "assures the physical future of our Department of Prints and Drawings, which houses one of the most accessible and widely used study rooms in the nation ..."

Among the works donated was Raphael's "The Nativity," done in 1515.

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