Digest 25, May 4,1999
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1. whadda bout ART 1999 CHICAGO @ Navy Pier
2. ART 1999 CHICAGO @ Navy Pier
3. Little side talk at the Navy Pier
4. Chicago Cultural Center show
5. Correction to Re:**photographers**
6. The Offensive Crayola Crayon
Date: Monday, May 3, 1999 4:30:52 PM
From: Erik Maldre 97(Yikesmoose@aol.com)
Subj: whadda bout ART 1999 CHICAGO @ Navy Pier

I haven't seen any great proclaimations about the the big Navy Pier show this year. (May 7-11, 11am-7pm, seven bucks for students {alumni pull out your old IDs})
hoe chee wa wah!!!
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Date: Monday, May 3, 1999 4:30:52 PM
From: Matt Maldre 97(spudart@aol.com)
Subj: ART 1999 CHICAGO @ Navy Pier

Good point, Erik.

For those who are not familiar with this show. It's the BIG show that you are not to miss. It is THE number one art show in Chicago to see each year. As their website (www.artchicago.com) says: "The World's Most Comprehensive Exposition of Galleries from Europe, Asia and the Americas" Visitors to Art 1999 Chicago will have an opportunity to view works by over 2,100 artists, represented by 214 exhibitors from 24 countries." You MUST go to see this show. It's so fat jack, it'll knock ya off yer rocker.

For instructions on how to get down there via car (and where to park), city bus, Metra train, taxi, foot, in-line skates, sightseeing bus, boat, or trolley go to:

I believe some of us alumni are planning on going this Saturday (May8). Anyone is interested in going, you may email me privately at: spudart@aol.com. Otherwise, I hope to run into some of you there!

Fri, May 07 11am-7pm
Sat, May 08 11am-7pm
Sun, May 09 11am-7pm
Mon, May 10 11am-7pm
Tue, May 11 11am-5pm

Navy Pier Festival Hall. Chicago, IL
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Date: Monday, May 3, 1999 4:30:52 PM
From: Matt Maldre 97(spudart@aol.com)
Subj: Little side talk at the Navy Pier

Saturday, May 8, 4 - 6pm

With the mission of introducing the international art community to Chicago artists, the Chicago Art Critics Association presents "Chicago Critics on Chicago Art" panel presentation. The association's six presenting critics will give a brief overview of a Chicago artist's body of work through a slide presentation. After each presentation, the critic will answer questions and position the artist in the context of the international art community. Critic John Brunetti speaks on the works fo Puerto Rican-American artist Bibiana Suarez whose mixed media work deals with cultural, political and family issues. Michael Bulka showcases the whimsical sculptures of artist Mindy Rose Schwartz. Critic Margaret Hawkins lectures on the figurative and narrative paintings of Chuck Walker and Stephen Longmire speaks about urban documentary photographer Bob Thall's body of work. In addition, Lisa Stein presents a criticism of the finely crafted metal sculptures of Alan Gugel and Polly Ullrich critiques Barbara Cooper's eerie wood and reed sculptures. The panel presentation is free with paid admission on May 8 to Art 1999 Chicago.
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Date: Tuesday, April 27, 1999 8:38:41 PM
From: Erik Maldre 97(Yikesmoose@aol.com)
Subj: Chicago Cultural Center show

i was in the heart of chicago today and went to a couple of shows that were delightful.
the first was at the Cultural Center on the first floor. this artist feller had an installation. he rigged up a hand-made machine across the top of the gallery and hanging were about 200 well-crafted simple forms that were boat-like. These forms were low to the ground. all the boats were connected by fishing line at the top and the machine moved in such a fashion that the boat forms simulated the motion of choppy waters. it was mesmerizing. the flow of these 200 boats was hypnotic. It is something that the words of a simpleton artist such as myself cannot describe. It must be experienced. The Cultural Center is located at Randolph and Michigan Avenue (about 1 block north of the Art Institute) Admission is always free. Walk on in. The Cultural Center seems to always have at least one very good show whenever you go. (always check to see what's going on in the second floor gallery, it's kinda like a secret gallery) the art institute always get such great praise that is overshadows the cultural center just spitting distance away.

i keep my review for the other show short.

in the lower level of the art institute (photography gallery) is a show on the kooky potential of shooting things with a camera. it'll help you give a different perspective on the medium (get it?-"perspective") splendid daily dose of expanding horizon line thinger dingers with a couple of hostess zingers.
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Date: Monday, May 3, 1999 4:30:52 PM
From: Matt Maldre 97(spudart@aol.com)
Subj: Correction to Re:**photographers**

In last week's digest, I said:
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but actually, it should be:
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with "subscribe submini-l" (without the quotations)

Once they have given you notification that you have joined the list, THEN you may send the SET SUBMINI-L DIGEST in the body. Sending this digest message with give you the emails grouped together every day into one nicely packaged email. If you don't send the digest command, then you will get each individual email seperately. Ick, I think that is a pain. You'll end up getting like around 6 separate emails in your inbox every day, instead of the handydandy digest.

Okay? So first, subscribe. Then tell it you want the digest. Ya dig?
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Date: Monday, May 3, 1999 4:30:52 PM
From: Matt Maldre 97(spudart@aol.com)
Subj: The Offensive Crayola Crayon

EASTON, P.A. -- For only the third time in its 96-year-old history, Crayola will change the name of a crayon.

Indian red, which Crayola said was based on a reddish-brown pigment commonly found near India, will be renamed because teachers complained students thought it was related to Native Americans, the company said. Suggestions for the new name will be accepted for the next three months, and the renamed crayon will be unveiled July 31.

"Little children take words and names very literally," said art teacher Louise Cosgrove. (AP)
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