Digest 22, April 13,1999
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1. IWU Senior and BFA shows
2. Sign up for artiwu in the summer!
3. Last Sunday's Simpsons' Episode: Homer Simpson becomes an artist!
4. free!
5. Call for Entries: 100 Show Design Competition
6. Call for Entries: ARC Gallery Scholarship
7. Review: Art Institute Graduate Show
8. School bus route change for art's sake
Date: Tuesday, April 6, 1999 12:18:03 AM
From: Rachelle Street (rstreet@sun.iwu.edu)
Subj: IWU Senior and BFA shows

hey, matt, could you put in some info about the senior and bfa shows at iwu in the next artiwu digest? it's running from april 8th through april 20th, with a reception on the 17th, which is smack dab in the middle of family weekend--yee-haw! also that weekend is a print and ceramics sale.should be big fun! the sale runs the entire weekend.

oh, one more thing about the print and ceramics sale--it's from noon to three each day, not all day long.

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Date: Sunday, April 11, 1999 20:51:20
From: administrator Matt Maldre (artiwu@spudart.org)
Subj: Sign up for artiwu in the summer!

IWU students,

The summertime will bring artiwu digests jam-packed with Chicago art events and tips. DON'T MISS A SINGLE ISSUE!
If you send me your email address for the summertime, you can catch every brimming discussion. You don't have an email address for home? Get a free email address with hotmail. (to sign up, visit www.hotmail.com) (to check your hotmail, you don't need any sort of fancy email program, just an internet connection and a web browser)

Send your summertime email address to artiwu@spudart.org
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Date: Sunday, April 11, 1999 20:51:20
From: Matt Maldre '97 (spudart@aol.com)
Subj: Last Sunday's Simpsons' Episode: Homer Simpson becomes an artist!

Last Sunday's (4/11/99) "The Simpsons" featured an episode where Homer became an outsider artist. His first big show was a bust as his work was no longer avant garde enough. So Marge takes Homer to the art musuem for inspiration. Homer has a hilarious dream filled with art references such as Andy Warhol throwing Cambell's cans at him. Lisa, Homer's daughter, gets him off his artist block by suggesting he create big works like Christo and his umbrellas covering California. She sighs in her breath that it also killed a couple of people. Homer gets inspired by what he calls the "killer umbrellas" and decides to turn his home town Springfield into Venice by flooding the town at night. Ironically enough, in the morning everyone enjoys Homer's work of art. The episode ends with Marge, Homer's wife, on her roof creating a painting of this scene. Jasper Johns comes by in a motor boat and steals her painting while Homer and Marge kiss.

Throughout this episode Jasper Johns (with the real Jasper Johns doing the voice) is always shown stealing things. What in the world is this a reference to?

(By the way, if anyone taped this episode or if anyone knows where I could get a tape of it, I would absolutely love a copy!)

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Date: Monday, March 29, 1999 15:23:20
From: Matt Maldre '97 (spudart@aol.com)
Subj: free!

Recieve 5 FREE fact filled educational booklets

"Our ongoing series of technically informative and beautifully designed booklets about uncoated paper"

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Date: Sunday, April 11, 1999 15:23:20
From: Matt Maldre '97 (spudart@aol.com)
Subj: Call for Entries: 100 Show Design Competition

Call for Entries

American Center for Design has issued a Call for Entries for Twenty-second 100 Show. The 100 Show recognizes work that represents significant trends in communication design, from books and typefaces to promotional campaigns and packaging. Winning entries are presented in an annual publication, THE 100 SHOW: DESIGN YEAR IN REVIEW, and become part of a traveling exhibition.

Any work -- published, self-published, or unpublished between April 1, 1998 and March 31, 1999 and made available to an audience by a designer, art director, illustrator, photographer, or publisher -- is eligible to compete in the 100 Show. Entries from outside the United States are accepted.

Winning entries are selected in an unique, curatorial fashion: rather than selecting 100 winners by consensus, three judges work as design curators and choose the works independently. Judging is not based on an entry's complexity or budget but on the overall concept and strength of its execution.

The chairs for the twenty-second 100 Show are William Drenttel and Jessica Helfand of Jessica Helfand|William Drenttel, Falls Village, CT. The judges are Kyle Cooper of Imaginary Forces, Los Angeles; Stefan Sagmeister of Sagmeister, Inc., New York; and Lorraine Wild, Los Angeles.

DEADLINE: June 1, 1999.

Registration forms are available on the American Center for Design web site at http://www.ac4d.org

(this is taken from Arts Wire CURRENT: April 6, 1999: Volume 8, No. 14)
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Date: Sunday, April 11, 1999 15:23:20
From: Matt Maldre '97 (spudart@aol.com)
Subj: Call for Entries: ARC Gallery Scholarship

Call for Entries: ARC Gallery Scholarship

What: ARC Gallery seeking applicants for Scholarship Member program. Grants one-year membership to female student pursuing either BFA or MFA. Scholarship benefits include gallery affiliatioin and assistance in gallery projects. Solo exhibition upon completion.

When: Postmark deadline May 15, 1999.

Where: Send SASE for prospectus to: ARC Gallery, 1040 W. Huron, Chicago, IL 60662. Or call: 312-733-2787.
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Date: Saturday, April 10, 1999 15:23:20
From: Matt Maldre '97 (spudart@aol.com)
Subj: Review: Art Institute Graduate Show

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago's 1999 Graduate exhibition runs April 10-21 at the White Tower Building, 847 West Jackson, (312)443-3703. Opening reception is April 10, 5-8pm.

I went to the School of the Art Institute graduate (mfa) show opening last saturday. The show covers the three floors in the building of 847 W. Jackson. The LARGE number of works were very wide-ranging, interesting and provactive. As far as I believe this was all their mfa's who were graduating.

I found the majority of the works to be sculpture and installations. There were barely any paintings. The paintings I did see seemed so much more flat than the active exciting sculptures and installations.

A few of the highlights that stick out in my mind were:
-a wall of money certificates advertising the MacNeil Art Projects. It was interesting convergence of money and art where you can buy a share for $5.00 and returned for $10.00 in 2004. He says, "Invest in Ben MacNeil. Put the artist at risk." If in 5 years everyone asks for their money back, Ben loses out. But if people decide to keep the share, because it's "art" then he wins money. It's kinda like if people consider this piece art, he wins. If people consider it money, he loses.
-I got to meet the Wiener Girls and I got a free hot dog, but the napkin was a dollar. I shared with them my thoughts on potatoes.
-One dude was breakdancing on his art.
-An installation piece on my way to the bathroon on the first floor. As I was walking through the gallery on the first floor, I encoutered toilet stall walls installed on the the gallery walls in the corner. I bent down to see if there was anything inside, but there was nothing I could see--even no toilet. So I found this slightly humourous and proceeded on my way to the "real" washrooms. I went inside to the urinal, took care of my business and noticed a survelliance t.v. installed on the wall above the urinals. I turned it on expecting something weird, but much to my dismay, it was only a gray screen. Hmph. So i turned it back off and left the washroom. I went back to the installed stall walls and looked inside. There was two 3" inch holes in the wall. One had the survelliance camera and the other had a computer monitor with the website. I found it funny that the camera was positioned to point at my "family jewels" as I kneeled down to look inside the holes. As I walked out of the stall a dude came walking by and told me that he saw me in the monitor in the washroom!!!

Well, I'm sure that isn't a fair cross-section of the show. It's just what comes to mind right now.

I'm hoping to see the show in more detail later. I only had a quick chance to see the show, so I ran through it. There are tons and tons of good stuff to see!

Here's what the NewCity newspaper had to say about it:

People may grumble about the size or quality of Chicago's professional art scene, but there's no arguing that its student art community is thriving. One of several first-rate graduate programs in the area, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's program is among the biggest (and, according to U.S. News and World Report, best) in the country. It's no surprise, then, that the school's annual graduate exhibition is an art event not to be missed. This weekend, 140 soon-to-be-graduates introduce their work to the world via a sprawling maze of temporary walls and installations occupying two floors of SAIC's West Loop outpost, above the school's Gallery 2. Sorting through the mass of photographs, paintings, drawings, architectural maquettes, prints, videos, installations and other works in media ranging from ceramic to sound can be a bit daunting, but there are always a few diamonds to be found within the rough. The event also includes a schedule of time-based media presentations, with performance art on April 15 and 24 and audio-visual on May 1-3 (call for schedule). You can wait a year or two for the gallery system to sort through this work for you, or catch this show and say, "I saw it first."

(Ann Wiens)

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago's 1999 Graduate exhibition runs April 10-21 at the White Tower Building, 847 West Jackson, (312)443-3703. Opening reception is April 10, 5-8pm.
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Date: Saturday, April 10, 1999 15:23:20
From: Matt Maldre '97 (spudart@aol.com)
Subj: School bus route change for art's sake

School bus route change for art's sake

SHELTON, C.T. -- A school bus route was changed for art's sake -- because one little girl could see more than she wanted.

The bus passed right by a 15-foot replica of Michelangelo's nude statue David standing in a private office park.

Mark DelVecchio said his 10-year-old daughter told him she was offended by the statue, so he called her school and asked officials to change the bus route.

"A lot of people think I'm ridiculous, but you've got to remember how tall a school bus is," said the father of three daughters. "The view you actually get from the bus window is from the navel down." (AP)
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