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artiwu DIGEST 19

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1. perhaps merely quiet
2. Hey!
3. Post-Impressionists at IMOA
4. Holy Cow! (Art cows invade Chicago)
5. Van Gogh and Gaugin at the Art Institute in 2001
Date: Thursday, March 11, 1999 21:42:42
From: Rachelle Street (rstreet@sun.iwu.edu)
Subj: perhaps merely quiet

ooh! i have something you can include in your artiwu digest! march 31st and april 1st at nine p.m. in westbrook in the music building here on campus is going to be "perhaps merely quiet," an original show by sabrina chapadjiev. it's free and many art majors are involved: myself, heidi spring, jake vaness, erin lippitz, and scott reynen. there's also music majors, theatre majors, as well as psych and business people--it's going to be a great show! tell all your friends!

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Date: Tuesday, March 9, 1999 18:21:26
From: Emmy Linman '97 (elinman@olivet.edu)
Subj: Hey!


Thanks Panzerman, for explaining this thing to everyone.

I would just like to say hi to everyone and let you all know that I DO read the artserve each week, even though I may not write anything myself. I am currently working on my masters in art ed, which means I am taking a lot of education classes. So I appreciate all your artsy messages, it helps keep me up to date with what's going on in the art world--IWU stuff, internships, exhibitions, etc.

Well, like Panzerman, I think I, too, will cast my ballot even though I never saw the IWU show. My vote goes to the one with shells or sand.


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Date: Tuesday, March 9, 1999 18:21:23
From: Emmy Linman '97 (elinman@olivet.edu)
Subj: Post-Impressionists at IMOA

I know this may be a bit of a drive for some of you, but there is a great post-impressionist print exhibition at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It will be there until April 11. It's called "Paris in the 1890s."

Two thumbs up!

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Date: Thursday, March 11, 1999 21:42:42
From: Matt Maldre '97 (spudart@aol.com)
Subj: Holy Cow! (Art cows invade Chicago)

300 90-pound near life-size fiberglass cows will invade Chicago along Michigan Ave, around the Loop, Oak Street Beach, The Grant Park Museum Campus, O'Hare, The Museum of Science and Industry and other areas. The idea for "Cows on Parade" was imported from Zurich. Mike Lash and Nathan Mason, the project "cow-ordinator," sent invitations to 400 local artists. Among those accepting are Ed Paschke and Ruth Duckworth. Some participants will recieve up to $4,000. The first 100 cows were supposed to arrive early February and will be grazing from June 15 through Oct. 31.
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Date: Thursday, March 12, 1999 21:42:42
From: Matt Maldre '97 (spudart@aol.com)
Subj: Van Gogh and Gaugin at the Art Institute in 2001

Okay, another *BLOCKBUSTER* show from the Art Institute.

Chicago Tribune, 03/12/99
The Art Institute of Chicago has received the largest
corporate grant in its history for an exhibition that will
examine what led to the most popular anecdote in art history.

Ameritech Corp. on Thursday gave the museum $1.5
million to organize "Van Gogh and Gauguin: `The Studio
of the South,' " the first in-depth examination of the
relationship that culminated in the most sensational
act by a pioneer of modern art: Vincent van Gogh cutting
off an ear.
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