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1. job available, graduate bash session, class of '96?
2. School of art website comments, job tips
Date: Tuesday, January 2, 1999 22:46:10
From: Caroline Sachay '96 (caroline.sachay@gsa.gov)
Subj: Re: artiwu DIGEST12 Creative Genius, More Job Tips, ..

eeeeegh, blah. all this techno- computer stuff, for the un-graphic person, i don't get it. job finding stuff- possibly i can help? I may be looking to hire help here soon- maybe summertime or something. preferably graduate. must like big sculptures and art administration. lots of it. good $$$. temporary position, paid by the hour. fun stuff. it's the feds.

i'm not making any art, because i'm too busy in the real world making money to eat and that oh-so-important roof over my head. How about a bash session from all the graduates about making time for creativity. 'comes down to sheer time management. strict with yourself, your time. what about those with the stressful 8 to 6:30 come home at 7 eat dinner go to bed people? No hope?

who from my class reads this thing? jeff the camera man, who else? has anyone heard from tracey or rachel? how about gossip? can we do that?

thanks mr. matt, for all your thoughtful insights. too bad we didn't have a e-mail hot line to answer our lonely undergrad questions...

-Caroline Sachay
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Date: Friday, February 5, 1999 6:02:43
From: Erik Maldre '97 (Yikesmoose@aol.com)
Subj: Re: artiwu DIGEST12 Creative Genius, More Job Tips, ...

wesleyan art site:

At first glance of a couple shots of the studios I became nervous for their disjointed lack of visual substance. However as a whole, the studio shots provide strangers to wesleyan art a good personal feel.

Drop the DARKroom shot with the lights on. too fake. The forced orderliness of the drawing studio reminds me of not being allowed to color outside the lines. love the painting studio. honest. real. show more of the glory of the art history room. show the rows gentlemen! show the rows. Let 318 stretch her back.

enough of the 44K image on every header page.

love the profiles of the faculty. very very informative. with some personal touches in there. Where is Miles going with that bucket?

job tips.
Matt is dead on with the creative resume. Though it is very true that a very creative resume will indeed scare off alot of places. but who wants to work for those stiffs any way. I used a very alternative material for my resume (details not to be disclosed) and it scared alot of people off. I received more responses from my plain, straight-forward resume. but the real good jobs responded from the alternative resume (the opening for creative director at Navy Pier for one. I was one of the three finalists thanks to my funky resume, not bad for being right out of college and receiving a D in Graphic Design Five.)
My greatest regret is not sending to more great places.
Go ahead and send to places you want. You'd be surprised at what places are "sort of" looking but don't want to commit to advertising for an open position. Do what you damn well please while you got the chance damnit.
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-What are your suggestions for finding a job?
-What do you think of the new IWU school of art site?
-How would you rate the art/design publications you read?
(see artiwu digest #9 for the evaluating scale)
-What are your plans for the year/semester?
-What would you like to see from this email discussion group?
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