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1. Creative Genius
2. More job searching tips
3. Computer eating feast galore
SyQuest gets eaten by Iomega, Iomega gets eaten by IBM?
Yahoo gobbles up Geocities
4. Even more powerful new G3's (that look like iMacs)
Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 15:01:02
From: spudart@aol.com
Subj: Creative Genius

"Recognizing Creative Genius"
by Paul Matthaeus
_Communication Arts_ p. 48-50
January/February 1999

Communication Arts published a neat short article on how creative
geniuses work. The following are the eight subheads taken directly from
the article. The author explains each subhead in a paragraph or two. It's a really good SHORT & QUICK article.

1. Creative Geniuses Look at Problems From All Possible Angles
2. Creative Geniuses Make Their Thoughts Visible
3. Creative Geniuses Produce
4. Creative Geniuses Make Novel Combinations
5. Creative Geniuses Force Relationships
6. Creative Geniuses Think in Opposites
7. Creative Geniuses Think Metaphorically
8. Creative Geniuses Prepare Themselves for Chance
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Date: Monday, February 1, 1999 18:55:04
From: spudart@hotmail.com
Subj: More job searching tips

(Additions to how to find that job posting from digest 11)

*Use the career office*
Browse the resources they have there.
Set up an appointment for someone at the career office to look at
your resume. Usually they'll have a student worker review it first. Then
after you fix it up, you can go see one of the older knowledgeable folks
there. When I was working on my resume, I didn't think they would have
much say. But much to my pleasant surprise, they suggested some really
good things.

*Send to places you think are freakin' cool*
Go ahead and go for it! Even if you don't know if a really cool
place is hiring, send 'em your resume anyway. You never know if they
might need some help. Plus, they will probably put your record on file.
Places to look for cool places: Look in design magazines for places
whose work looks like it's really your style. Communication Arts in
particular will have articles on individual design agencies.

*Make your resume stand out*
When I went to IWU, Sherri had this as one of the assignments, and
I found it helped tremendously. Make your resume fun.
Most other professions won't have a chance to do something spiffy with
their resume, because the employer will think it's a gimmick. But with
design (and some art fields) you are being hired to be creative, so show
'em that you are creative. The places you send it to will totally go
ga-ga over it and circulate it around the office.
How to make it more creative: Give it a theme. Check out the resumes in
the Career Center for examples. My resume has a map theme. It looks like
a map. I've got headings like "Work Experience Avenue" and "Ocean of
Skills." In one of my interviews, the interviewer said he received over
150 resumes from one want ad in the Chicago Tribune. He told me that
mine stood out from all of them and that he just had to give me a call.
So, spend the time on making it stand out, it will be worth it.

Does anyone have any more suggestions for finding a job?
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Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 15:01:02
From: spudart@hotmail.com
Subj: Computer eating feast galore
SyQuest gets eaten by Iomega, Iomega gets eaten by IBM?
Yahoo gobbles up Geocities

On January 13, 1999, Iomega (producers of the Zip drive) bought out SyQuest. Poor old SyQuest just died out. (They filed for bankruptcy in November) Those old heavy, hot, loud, cumbersome drives that SyQuest produced are no more. ALAS! In memory of SyQuest I suggest a mourning ritual:
Humm really loud, dress very warmly and turn yourself around
in circles for 270 seconds. Once the time is up, spin and crash
yourself into a tree. (The running into the tree shall symbolize
the action of ejecting the tape while it hasn't finished spinning.)
News on the buyout:

Alas the grim reaper shall be knocking on Iomega's door as well. The technology Iomega uses will soon be replaced by a faster and cheaper technology of IBM's flash-fomat drives and higher-capacity magneto-resistive (MR) head technology drives.(compare: Iomega Jaz at 7 cents/MB vs. Castlewood Orb's 1 cent/MB)
IBM's revolutionary new 340 MB drives are to hit us this summer. They are only one inch by one inch weighing 17 grams.

Adobe eats GoLive CyberStudio (good!)
On January 4, 1999 Adobe bought out GoLive CyberStudio, the most popular web design program that has received 25 best product awards and 45 top reviews in leading industry publications. It's also the same program that I use to design and maintain the artiwu site. According to Adobe's press release statement at:
It seems that the old crappy Adobe PageMill will be eliminated with CyberStudio stomping proudly and defiantly over to take its place. I say, "Well done, Adobe." I think CyberStudio will benefit even further from this change of hands as it will be integrated within Adobe's exceptional range of existing professional graphics tools.

Yub-a-dub GRUB galore
Yahoo gobbles up Geocities. So it looks like the artiwu site will be governed by the people of Yahoo. Yahoo will be keeping the "Geocities" name. Other eateries: NBC eats Snap. Disney devours Infoseek. AOL consumes Netscape. At Home injests Excite.
We smell a trend here.
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Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 15:01:02
From: spudart@hotmail.com
Subj: Even more powerful new G3's (that look like iMacs)

Have you seen the new Mac G3's that look like iMacs? I'm not talking about the ones that came out a year ago. I'm talking about the ones that JUST CAME OUT THIS MONTH. These things are absolute power-mongers! HOLY-MOLY-MOSES! I could talk computer-tech talk about how it's so much better with its capacity for 100GB in storage, capacity for a whoop-ass 1GB RAM, FireWire, 150MHz-200MHz backside cache, 100MHz system bus (50% faster than previous G3's) and gigabit Ethernet, and and and USB (30x faster than previous serial devices in Macs), but I won't bore you anymore with numbers. ;) How about something cool like:
IT'S MADE OF BULLETPROOF GLASS! (it's the same tough polycarbonate ingredients) So if you get one now, you're jealous friends won't be able to shoot a bullet through it. Oh yeah, Margaret, get me the gun...
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-*NEEW!* What are your suggestions for finding a job? *NEEW!*
-What do you think of the new IWU school of art site?
-How would you rate the art/design publications you read?
(see artiwu digest #9 for the evaluating scale)
-What are your plans for the year/semester?
-What would you like to see from this listserv?
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