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1. My art for the website
2. My art for the website
3. Chicago Cultural Center shows
4. Mariko Mori--MCA
5. Jana Sterbak--MCA
6. Contemporary Artist's Books--MCA
7. New Acquistions by MCA
8. Other art students are found
Subject: My art for the website
Date: Monday, November 30, 1998 17:46:59
From: Laura Kesselring '97 (paintgirl@hotmail.com)

matt-you get a big gold star for keeping everybody informed.
i have a question about putting our art on the iwu art website--what can we send you if our stuff is not already scanned? like, will slides or photos work, if we mailed them to you?


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Subject: My art for the website
Date: Monday, November 30, 1998 17:47:00
From: administrator Matt Maldre (artiwu@spudart.org)

Another satisfied customer! Thanks Laura.

Slides or photos will work. Just mail them to:
artiwu headquarters
attn: Matt Maldre
1727 West 104th Place
Chicago, IL 60643

I will mail them back to you. A self-addressed stamped envelope would be fine, if not, I'll still send them back to you.

You can have your work in a critique room on the artiwu website! Just tell me if you would like to have your work displayed in one of our many fine (and abundantly available) critique rooms and you will recieve the comments of experts in the field and from the young hipsters.
Otherwise your work will be displayed on a basic art page that is connected to you profile (but nonetheless a very exciting basic page)

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Subject: Chicago Cultural Center shows
Date: Wednesday, November 30, 1998 22:52
From: Matt Maldre '97 (spudart@aol.com)

Erik Maldre and I went to the Chicago Cultural Center this past weekend. Here’s what I think of what I saw there:

The Photograph Transformed
November 21-January 24,1999
For anyone interested in photo-collage and photo-manipulation, you should really see this show. I enjoyed it very much. The Chicago Cultural Center's newsletter says,
“This exhibition presents the work of five Chicago female artists who use various photo-mechanical processes and computer-altered photo images to create provocative and imaginative manipulated photography. The exhibition explores a range of possibilities from formal approaches, to collage, to more surrealist presentations obtained by artists using early photographic techniques to state-of-the-art imaging methods, offered today through the marriage of the computer and the camera. What they achieve is a revitaltization of the medium of photography as an aesthetic tool for the computer ages. Artists included are Jane Calvin, Kelly McKaig, Kellie Klein, Susan Sensemann, and Katharine Schutta.”
(from the Chicago Cultural Center December 1998 newsletter/calendar.)

Dana Garner: Paintings
November 28-January 31, 1999
“I don’t really dig this sort of stuff. Someone else might like it. It’s just not my asethetic.”-Matt
“At least the fact that things are exploding makes me happy”-Matt

Cities by the Lake:
Photography by Micelle Keim
November 28-January 31, 1999
Copied off the wall:
“eerie and atmospheric color photographs of steel mills, freighters and related subjects at night. Her photographs emphasize the irony of these plants’ nocturnal silence and the formal beauty of these giants.”
“Very cool, this is more my aesthetic.”-Matt

Overall, Erik and I agreed that we thought all the shows together formed one of the best shows in recent memory of the Chicago Cultural Center Michigan Galleries. Even with the Dana Garner paintings, the other two shows were fantastico. (pssst...if you go to the Art Institute, the Chicago Cultural Center is only a few blocks north on Michigan. GO THERE!)

Then we headed upstairs to the exhibition, “You’re in My Space” on the second floor. (showing November 6-December 13)
This seemed to be another showing of the many outsider artists in Chicago. I wasn’t all too impressed. I saw the show as a bunch of doodles. Doodles of drawing, doodles of painting, and doodles of sculpture---aha! my old coined term, “sculpture doodles.” As with making doodles, you make a lot of so-la-la stuff. But every once in a while, there are bursts of creative genius. So the same goes with this show. There were a few neat things here. (such as the wooden box on the wall).

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Subject: Mariko Mori--MCA
Date: Monday, November 30, 1998 22:52
From: Matt Maldre '97 (spudart@aol.com)

I think I might dare to say this is a must-see show.

I somewhat agree with what the NewCity says,
“Her images are slick, pretty and fascinatingly strange, merging sci-fi cultism with Eastern spiritualism, and employing technologies that evoke that basic, but not necessarily deep response: ‘Cool.’”
Yeah, and this show certainly is funk-a-groovy. If you’re into technology and art (that is computer generated stuff), definitely check out this show. Oh, don’t whizz by the 3-D glasses. Put a pair on and check out the 3-D movie complete with floating Buddha aliens that wilL FLY RIGHT INTO YOUR FACE!!!! YAHOO! How can you not dig this?!? (I was suspicious when the air conditioning just happened to go on at certain points in the movie. I thought we were getting gassed by some sort of hallucinative gas to see these futuristic surreal Buddha aliens)
(October 10-March 14, 1999)

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Subject: Jana Sterbak--MCA
Date: Monday, November 30, 1998 22:52
From: Matt Maldre '97 (spudart@aol.com)

Now this show on the other hand just plain sucks. After experiencing Mariko Mori show, this show is just drab and, in my mind, dumb. First off, I get pissed off by the artist’s statement jealousness of Joseph Beuys’ wool suits. Apparently this lame-o artist was making suits too, but later found out that Beuys’ made his suits before her, so now she is proceeding to “transforming myself in a moth” and actually destroying Beuys’ wonderful felt suits. Yeah, yeah, you post-modern so-and-so. (oh, gee; when I was at Wesleyan, didn’t I make a piece that specifically said, “I like to eat fat Beuys” Hmm, yeah well, I was doing mine out of admiration for Beuys, not for the sheer jealously that Sterbak seems to communicate with her statement.) The rest of the show just seems old to me. Sigh, i’ll spare you the rest of my complaints. Anyone out there have any comments on any of these shows?
(October 10-January 3, 1999)

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Subject: Contemporary Artist's Books--MCA
Date: Monday, November 30, 1998 22:52
From: Matt Maldre '97 (spudart@aol.com)

If you like artist's books, this is a must for you. Plenty of books to that you can actually hold without putting on white gloves. And ironically enough, the famous Nazi-like security guards at the MCA won't be breathing down your neck while you look at the fine array of books.
(through January 3, 1999)

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Subject: New Acquistions by MCA
Date: Monday, November 30, 1998 22:52
From: Matt Maldre '97 (spudart@aol.com)

Among the buncha new acquistions on the 4th floor is, Oh baby, an Anselm Kiefer painting. The MCA newsletter says,
"Banner (1990) is the first work by Anselm Kiefer to enter the MCA collection. It is one of various works in which the artist affixed a model German WWII fighter airplane to the canvas, which is covered with such substances as lead, ash, and copper wire."
You don't know who Kiefer is? Go the MCA and check out this painting. Or if you're at the Art Institute, up by the Cassatt show is a contemporary wing where a humungous Kiefer painting exists in its glorious rotting might.

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Subject: Other art students are found
Date: Monday, November 30, 1998 22:52
From: adminstrator Matt Maldre (artiwu@spudart.org)

Right before I was about to send out this digest, a gracious art angel sent me a list of all the other missing art majors. I will include them on the next digest. (I'll have to write up a welcoming edition for these new folk.)
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end of digest (May the floating Buddha aliens be with the formerly missing art students.)

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