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1. Fwd: -neoscenes- project 1

Date: Tuesday, November 17, 1998 0:14:04
From: Dima Strakovsky (dstrakov@hotmail.com)
Subj: Fwd: -neoscenes- project 1

>neoscenes occupation: Project One
>Call for Participation/Contributions
>neoscene will officially begin with an online occupation during the following times:
>0800 (GMT+2) November 27 -- 0800 (GMT+2) November 28
>from a network node in Tornio, Finnish Lapland, we will be *broadcasting*
>an eclectic variety of content on RealAudio and Real Video. We will also
>be online via email, IRC, and iVisit for dialogue and feedback. Channel
>and other details will be announced shortly before the event.
>content in the form of URL's, audio/video files (Quicktime, mpeg, real
>audio/video, aiff, etc...) are welcome.
>Please send appropriate URLs or ftp addresses to:
>John Hopkins <hopkins@iex.net>
>basic information will be found at
>be there or be invisible!
><neoscene> occupation listserv is an open unmoderated forum for
>dialogue and the distribution of relevant experience and information
>among humans who are learning and creating in a network environment.
>more info: hopkins@iex.net URL: http://students.llaky.fi/~hopkins/nso
>or: majordomo@aec.at with "info neoscene" in the msg body

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