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1. New artiwu members
2. New critique rooms
3. Matt Maldre ‘97 illustrations in critique room #1
4. Review: Art Institute: "Ancient West Mexico"

Subject: New artiwu member
From: Administrator Matt Maldre (artiwu@spudart.org)
Date: 98/11/09

I would like to welcome Melissa Pyle and all the art faculty to the artiwu listserv.
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Subject: New critique rooms
From: administrator Matt Maldre (artiwu@spudart.org)
Date: 98/11/09, 8:00pm

Students: Imagine recieving comments on your work by other professionals in the art/design field.
Alumni: Learn what the hip, young crowd thinks of your work.

I have added several critique rooms to the artiwu website. Anyone can stick their work up there and people will comment on it. You can send me your work anyway you want. Slides, pictures, computer files, computer pictures, or even the real thing. I would prefer a computer file/picture, but any which way is fine. Questions? Just contact me.
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Subject: Matt Maldre illustrations in critique room #1
From: Matt Maldre (spudart@aol.com
Date: 98/11/10

I’m doing a bunch of illustrations of Chicago for a promotional calendar at work. I would greatly appreciate any comments.
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From: Matt Maldre (spudart@aol.com)
Date: 98/11/09, 8:00pm
Art Institute of Chicago
"Ancient West Mexico: Art and Archeology of the Unknown Past"
Through Nov. 22.

I know next to nothing of ancient Mexican culture, so when I was walking around the Art Institute last week, I somewhat hesitated when approaching this exhibit. But much to my pleasant surprise, I was actually very intruiged by this show. There are more than 225 sculptures, which is an incredible amount of work.
"The Institute exhibition is only the fourth to have
been mounted in the United States. None of the
previous shows left Los Angeles, and the largest
of them, more than a quarter century ago, offered
fewer objects than the present 226. Without
exaggeration, the exhibition here is likely to give a
once-in-a-lifetime experience." (*1)

Aside from the sheer number of sculptures, some are just plain funny to look at.
"This is an art that's intensely human and very
warm," says curator Richard F. Townsend. "The
figures of men and women, young and old, plus
their various kinds of activities are portrayed in
a completely accessible form. You see yourself
there. You can recognize yourself easily" (*2)

I would also strongly recommend watching the 14-minute video in the room adjacent to the exhibition. It really gave me an appreciation and understanding of these incredible little sculptures.

There are tours given in Spanish on Sundays through Nov. 22 at 2:00.

So hurry on down to see this show, before it's gone and disappeared into the mystic Mexican air.

(*1) www.metromix.com Alan Artner, Chicago Tribune art critic.
(*2) ibid.

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