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1. Chicago art guide mailed out
2. Dance show at Atheneum Theatre, Chicago

1. Chicago art guide mailed out
Matt Maldre
received 98/11/03 7:30 pm

A message from the coordinator of artiwu, Matt Maldre:

Hey art folks, here it is the 1st issue of the digest!

I pulled together a bunch of sources and made a guide to Chicago art for November-December '98. I just mailed it this morning to all those who gave me their address. And it's BIGGER THAN EVER with 8 pages of information of events, exhibitions, talks, lectures, tours occurring in Chicago during November to December.

With Thanksgiving break and Christmas break coming up in the next two months, this is the perfect time to go see some great stuff in Chicago, and then comment on it to the artiwu listserv.

Okay, let's say you are thinking about going to see a show, wouldn't it be neat to see others' comments before you go? Wouldn't it be peachy-keen-a-riffic to discuss what you saw with others? I think so! So let's go!

If you haven't given me your address yet--c'mon and do it! Not sure if you gave it me? Just check out the artiwu website and see if your address is up there. If it isn't, then I don't have it. What are you waiting for? Supplies are limited, don't miss out on any the fun anymore. However, I will be sticking some of the information up on the website.

If you are out-of-state (or out-of-country) and you would still like to receive a copy of the guide just let me know and you shall receive.

If your address is up on the website and you haven't received your copy in the mail in about a week, let me know and I will mail you another one.

Enjoy, and get out!

Matt Maldre
artiwu coordinator and administrator

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2. Dance show at Atheneum Theatre, Chicago
Matt Maldre
received 98/11/03 8:00 pm

Hey, I thought I'd practice my preaching and contribute to the list, something that I saw recently.

A couple weeks ago, I saw a dance show at the Atheneum Theatre. It was a part of a larger series of dance shows the Atheneum was showing during October and November called "Dance Chicago." What I saw was the "Dance Slam." It's kinda like a poetry slam, in that you have a bunch of groups of dancers that each perform for like 5 minutes. The crowd then rates each dance after its completion. There was 23 different dance groups performing that night. Twenty-three!!! Unbelievable! The crowd was loud and everyone was talking to each other in-between dances.
A most-definite go-see. "Dance Chicago" happens every year, so I will make sure to let everyone know when it comes around next year. If anyone wants to know anymore about this, just ask.

Matt Maldre
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