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Artiwu is looking for people to write regular posts to artiwu. You can write about anything.

Here's some areas artiwu is looking for:
• Reviews on Merwin-Wakely shows at IWU galleries
• Reviews on student shows in art haus and student center
• Art advice (tips on sculpture, ceramics, photo, print, painting, or criticism)
• Computer advice and tidbits
• Starting up a business
• How to get work into galleries
• Tips on freelancing
• Anything that would be of interest to art and/or design people

Your posts don't even really have to come on a super-consistent basis. But it would be nice to have a post every now and then on your topic.

One of artiwu's columnists, Laura Kesselring says, "When I was interviewing for a job, my employer was very impressed that I wrote a semi-weekly column on juried art shows." Becoming a columnist can look great on your resume, it shows writing skills, expertise, responsibility, and a love for your interests.

And artiwu would love to have more content!

Current columnists are listed below under the form.
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Current artiwu columnists
Macintosh news and tidbits
Erik Maldre '97
  Macintosh news and tidbits.
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Juried Show Venue
Laura Kesselring ('97)
  There are a lot of "How-To" and advice articles out there on the reasons for and the process of entering juried art exhibitions. However, I have found that this information is sometimes irrelevant and unrealistic for the emerging artist. I have been entering juried shows for 3 years and have recently had some success. So, I decided to share the knowledge I have gained from experience in this area, so that if any of you are interested in pursuing this venue, you will know the real score.
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new york art scene,
art on web
Tracey Hendel ('96)
new york art scene, art on web

Even if a topic is already covered, you can cover it too!
(Remember, you can make a post to artiwu anytime you want. You don't have to be a columnist.)

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