see art class of 1997degree: BFAconcentration: graphic design Spring 1997-art party
Matt Maldre
info as of: November 6, 2002
Dec 2000

address 4809 N. Bell Ave
Chicago, IL 60625
phone 773-784-9329 (that spells: 773-QUIZ-DAY)
my personal site:

A collaborative piece with Dima Strakovsky:
company Tribune Media Services
company partner of artiwu
What's this?
accepting resumes
What's this?
yes, send to the work address below
title Designer
what do Tribune Media Services is a leading provider of information and entertainment products to newspapers and electronic media. They syndicate and license comics, features and opinion columns; television listings; Internet, online and wire services; and advertising networks.

Pretty cool stuff. I do print design, little web design, and illustrations for their art department (direct mail, flyers, media kits, promotional stuff, website stuff, collateral stuff, ads, trade show materials, stuff for salesman, etc.)

I'm now on Comic Strip Development!
work address 435 North Michigan Ave
Suite 1400
Chicago, IL 60657
work phone 312-527-8560
work email
work website (the company website, not designed by me)
graduate school
status planning on going
school uh, i'll have to look into that
when hopefully soon
area of
uh, maybe design, maybe art theory, maybe public/community art, maybe arts administration, maybe
married no, and stop asking! :)
last name
kids no
iwu info
activities When I was at IWU:
Kappa Pi, sculpture lab technician, design lab technician, student senate, Greenhouse assistant director, WESN DJ, expert security defier afterhours in art building, "experienced" Bart the art building ghost, member of IWU dumpster divers

artiwu founder, moderator, webmaster; give talks at IWU
artiwu columnist
What's this?
I'm the editor for the columnists
buddy list
What's this?
plans to teach art
birthday 11/20/75
quote "art must assume the function of the potato"
hobbies art, design, dance music, swing, Wile E. Coyote cartoons, art theory, tennis, volleyball, rollerblading, hiking, Anarchie Basketball. I enjoy going to art galleries and musuems.
anything else
you want to
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