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All books are linked to, the leader in on-line bookstores. Artiwu will receive a small commission for each sale, so just follow the special "Buy It" link when you purchase. You will be sent to the Amazon website where you can make your purchase. handles all of the customer service, fulfillment, shipping, and tracking of sales generated from the artiwu bookstore. All orders are 100% secure, guaranteed. (And Amazon sells most of its books for like 10-30% off the cover price!)

How the artiwu bookstore started
The artiwu bookstore started as an outgrowth from the artiwu email discussion group. One of the topics of discussion on the list can be about what books people have read and their recommendations.

What's happening now
For now, I have put up most of my art and design books here. Every week or so I will give a review on a book in the email discussion group, and post it here on the bookstore. You are definitely encouraged to suggest books and give reviews. Go to the
suggest a book form and I'll stick your book(s) up here.

Archiving these reviews in a special section in the website makes it easier to find and read. And the what-the-heck, let's make it easy for people to pick up a copy of the book too.

Affiliates--it's good for the buyer, seller, and your mama
Affiliates are the hot, new buzzword on the web now. Amazon has the largest affiliate program. A big company like Amazon has their site where all the real selling occurs, but then they've got these little storefronts, called affiliates, like the artiwu bookstore. These storefronts are just basically links to the main Amazon site. It's a great deal for all sides!:
  • Amazon gets their store put onto sites everywhere, increasing their exposure
  • Affiliates get to add a top-notch company to their site
    (and make a little dough on the side)
  • Buyers get custom-made websites to visit that focus on particular areas of interest.

In review
The artiwu bookstore is great for you to check out what your peers have to say about art and design books. Is a book crap? Well, check it out on artiwu. Need a book on a particular topic? Check it out on artiwu. If a particular book is not here, well by all means,
email me and I'll post it here.

If you read this far, you deserve a pat on the back, now go and
check some of these books.

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